Nevada Discount Registered Agents Reviews the History of Carson City, Nevada

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Nevada Discount Registered Agent CapitolCarson City is the capitol of the state of Nevada.  The estimated population of Carson City in 2018 was fifty-five thousand, four hundred and fourteen people making it the fifth largest city in Nevada.  It became the capitol of Nevada in 1864 when Nevada became a state.

The original inhabitants in the valley were the Washoe people who lived there for six thousand years.   It wasn’t until 1843 that the first European Americans came to the area.  John C. Fremont and his exploration party named the river that flowed through the valley Carson River as a tribute to the scout he hired named Kit Carson.

Carson City soon became a place to stop for those who were taking the pilgrimage to California.  A trading post called Eagle Station was built in 1851.  It was considered to be part of the Utah Territory, so it was governed from Salt Lake City.

Unhappy with the Mormon influence governing what was then known as Eagle Station, a man named Abraham Curry bought Eagle Station.  He renamed it Carson City and stated it would someday become the capitol of Nevada.  He even set aside a ten-acre piece of land in the middle of the town to eventually build the capitol building.

Then the silver and gold rush happened in 1859 in the Comstock Lode.  As the population grew the territorial governor, James W. Nye, would travel to Nevada and designated Carson City the territorial capitol.  Curry had built a hotel by then and loaned it to the territorial Legislature where they could all meet.  Eventually it was turned into a prison where Curry became the first warden.Nevada Discount Registered Agent V&T

It was during the American Civil War that Nevada became a state in 1864 and Carson City was named the capitol.  They broke ground on the state capitol building in 1870 and completed it in 1871.  There was a United States Mint built in Carson City called the Carson City Mint that was active from 1980 to 1893.  Because of the discovery of gold in Virginia City, they build the Virginia and Truckee Railroad which went between Virginia City and Carson City.

Logging became a huge business because the mines needed them to hold up the ceilings and walls of the mines.  Many of the trees came from nearby Lake Tahoe.  There was a log flume that ran from the Sierra Nevada’s to Carson City to process the wood.

Nevada Discount Registered Agent NVWhen the Central Pacific railroad to the north was completed, the transportation traffic and population decreased.  It wasn’t until the 1960’s it reached its 1880 population.  At one point the populations was just over one thousand five hundred people.

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