Exploring Hood Cleaning as a Business

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We have a janitorial business that has been very successful over the years but have an itch to expand our business.  We looked at acquiring some other janitorial companies but really wanted to have a new challenge.

Hood Cleaning Washington DCOne of the businesses we looked at does commercial kitchen hood cleaning.  As we researched this business we found that hood cleaning must be done at least four times a year for the average restaurant.  There are even some commercial kitchens that do their hood cleaning every month.

We contacted one of our longtime friends who own a hood cleaning business in Washington DC to see if we could get some pointers on how to go about starting up our hood cleaning business.  They were thrilled to hear from us and invited us to Washington DC to see their business.

We put our son in charge of our current business and headed to Washington DC to see our friends hood cleaning business.  The trip was uneventful, but the scenery was beautiful.  We got in late so had a quick bite and settled in for the night.

The following day, we headed to our friends’ hood cleaning business.  They have a small warehouse with an attached office.  The warehouse stores the extra parts they need to stock onto their trucks and vans.  The trucks and vans are all equipped with pressure washers, hoses, plastic sheeting, hood hinges, industrial magnets – these hold the plastic sheeting that is put up to protect the walls and floors – and environmentally safe chemicals that are used for hood cleaning.

We headed to Old Ebbit Grill considered  the oldest saloon in Washington DC.  It was founded in 1856 and was a boarding house that can brag about the famous people who lived there among them were President McKinley.  May other Presidents are said to have refreshed themselves at its stand-around bar.  Old Ebbit Grill moved to a number of locations before settling on their final location on 675 15th Street, NW.  The atmosphere was amazing, and the food did not disappoint.Hood Cleaning Washington DC Media

While eating lunch we reviewed our fiends hood cleaning business web site.  They had great before and after pictures of the restaurants they have done hood cleaning in.  They encouraged their clients to give them testimonials to further enhance their business.  It was pretty impressive.

We spent the afternoon exploring Washington DC.  We rented bikes and road all around the National Mall.  The National Mall is a beautifully landscaped park that features the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Thomas Jefferson’s Memorial, Washington Monument and more.  The weather was great!

Hood Cleaning Washington DC RosesThat evening we dined at Rosa’s Luxury.  Located at 717 8th Street, SE on Capitol Hill it is a famous dinner place for politicians.  We started our meal with Coconut & Caviar small plate.  We split a plate of Rigatoni alla Vodka which was squid and Thai basil.  We could not resist to ask if we could see the kitchen.  We imagined how it would be to do a hood cleaning job in such an elegant restaurant.

The next day we went on a hood cleaning job to see how it was done.  It was fascinating to see them hang the plastic sheets with the industrial hangers.  They then pulled out their pressure washer, applied the environmentally chemicals, which they let set for a bit, then turned on the hose.  That commercial kitchen equipment looked amazing!

That night we dined at Ambar a European restaurant that specializes in Balkan Cuisine.  The meal was like nothing I have ever had.  Their hospitality was warm and we felt like the most important people in the restaurant Their place is located at 523 8th Street, SE.Hood Cleaning Washington DC Photo

We headed home the next day with our heads full of new information on how to build a successful hood cleaning business.