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The Trusted Choice by commercial construction contractors, large national corporations, schools, airports, and various government agencies, Sanders Cleaning Service in Shreveport, provides your facility with expert-level final cleaning and makes ready new construction, and renovation services. For construction contractors, we are the ultimate cleaning solution for your inspection clean-up needs. Sanders Cleaning Service has completed numerous commercial jobs over the past 34 years including every size job imaginable. From 20+ schools to banks, entire hotels, multi-story office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, bed & breakfasts, and tenant finishes we are able to handle any job. With Sanders, Commercial Cleaning Service Size Doesn't Matter. Sanders Cleaning Service of Shreveport LA is very experienced in this very specialized field, insured, and State Certified. We get your building ready for occupancy and we do it right the first time. Sanders Commercial Cleaning Service is the best at what we do and has the record to prove it. We have been awarded over 90% of all jobs bid. In addition, over 80% of our business is from repeat business and referrals.

Building Maintenance

Sanders Cleaning Service does more than just office cleaning, we are a full spectrum cleaning provider that provides building maintenance services such as routine interior cleaning contracts, exterior landscaping cleanup, restroom cleaning, emergency cleaning, post-event cleanup, and much more. So next time you are looking for a company that not only specializes in office cleaning in Shreveport, think of Sanders Cleaning Service to find a local Building maintenance Service.

Why Choose Sanders Commercial Cleaning Service for your Make Ready New Construction Renovation | Final Cleaning needs?

We know that you have many choices for final cleaning services. Seems today, that anyone with a rag and bucket can call themselves an office cleaning company. However, there is much more to thorough final cleaning than meets the eye. When our cleaning crews arrive at your business, you can expect that each crew comes trained in the most efficient techniques available and come equipped with the proper materials and equipment to clean up any type of building. Because office cleaning normally takes place after business hours, you are left with evaluating the results at the beginning of your workday. This means that many office cleaning companies will tidy the office, take out the trash and superficially clean up surfaces. However, this type of office cleaning, while it looks good on the surface, will often leave areas unclean that are not normally inspected. Many office cleaning companies will use cleaning chemicals that give the impression that things are clean by using masking smells that give the impression things are cleaner than they are. The one thing that we don't do is restaurant hood cleaning.  Contact our friends at New Orleans Hood Cleaning for that!

Sanders Cleaning Service of Shreveport is different, we clean using green cleaning techniques that first and foremost are focused on healthy buildings. This means we use supplies such as microfiber cloths, green cleaning chemicals, and materials that not only clean surfaces but clean the environment. So if you need final cleaning done the right way, contact Sanders Cleaning Service for all your commercial final cleaning needs. Visit our About page for more information or our Contact page for different ways to reach out it you have questions.

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